How to add Warm and a Cold Calls?

Alkimii CRM records call logs against a company and/or contact profile. Hot and Cold calls made feed into targets and are reported on in the weekly CRM email.

  • Using the mega menu, navigate to either companies or contacts

Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 12-07-15-png

  • Click into the required profile either through the Name or Eye icon. 

  • Click Call 
    • Who made the call. 
    • Contact.
    • If it was a cold call, tick the box.
    • Add any notes associated with your call. 
    • There is the ability to Bulk Add if you have multiple calls to log. 

  • Create.
  • The call will appear in both your and your Contact's activity log.
  • This will also update within the Target Dashboard. 

If your call has resulted in a New Prospect, you can add this to your company/ contact.

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