How to add a new Prospect?

Prospects allow you to associate and track potential business to a company or contract within the CRM.

  • In the menu tab, navigate to CRM 
  • Scroll down to Sales 
    • Select Prospect 

  • This will open a list of all your existing prospects. 
  • To add a new prospect, click "Add Prospect" on the top right-hand side
  • This will direct you to a pop-up to be filled out.
    • Please note that there are mandatory fields that are required in order to save your prospect 
      • Name, Contact, Status, Guests, Total Value, Locations, Booking Source and Market Segment 
      • The Total Value field will prompt you to enter a breakdown of charges across Add Ons. The amount will auto-populate once you close out of the add-on list. 
      • You will have the ability to add multiple locations, if applicable.
      • You can add Notes if you wish.
      • Highlight any Places of Interest of the prospect. 
      • Save

To update your Locations of Interest, contact the Customer Success Team here 

  • It is also possible to add the prospect through a company
  • Navigate to Companies using the Mega Menu
  • Click on the name from the list of company
  • Select "Prospect" from the options on the right-hand side. 
  • Follow the same steps and fill in the fields with the relevant information. 

For Help changing the status of a prospect, click HERE.