Your address book - Contacts

This article will show you how to add new contacts and search for existing contacts in your database.

  • Navigate to companies or contacts using the mega menu 

Your Address Book can also be reached via the Events tile on your Alkimii home page. 

  • Alkimii defaults to the list overview of all contacts, with the most recently added listed first. 
  • Within this view, you can search for contacts using the search bar tool or filters. 

Adding a New Contact 

  • In your contact address book, you will see Add Contact on the top right-hand side.

  • You will be prompted to fill in the below information, red fields are mandatory information. 
    • The contact's company can be set using the dropdown menu
    • The Added By dropdown links the contact to an employee 
    • Address data is not compulsory. 
    • Social data is not compulsory.

For help adding a call, prospect or appointment to a Contact, click HERE.