How to use "Map" in CRM?

The Map feature in CRM is useful for getting a visual representation of address book companies and potential prospects.

  • Using the mega menu, navigate to "Map" 

  • Here you will be able to filter through your company's address book to help you identify prospects in the area or further afield.
  • You can filter by 

    • Company Type
    • Added by Staff Member
    • Location of Interest 
    • Industries 
    • Country 
    • Counties 

Please note that if the filter information was not entered in the initial company creation entry, you will not be able to search for it using the filter options. 

  • If a company has been created
    • with "No Prospect" it will appear with a red pin 
    • with a "Prospect Created", it will appear with an orange pin 
    • with a "Prospect Confirmed", it will appear with a green pin 

  • You also have the ability to create a new company in the top right corner of this page 

For more information on adding a new company to your address book, click here