How to add a Meeting Room in CRM?

  • Using the mega menu, navigate to your "App Settings" at the bottom. 

  • Within your App Settings, scroll down to CRM 
  • From the list, click on Meeting Rooms 
  • On the top banner, please ensure that you are within the correct property before proceeding

  • To add a new meeting room, click on "+ Add Room" in the top right corner

  • A pop-up will appear, prompting you to add the Meeting Room title 

  • You can assign this room to a location within the property

Please be advised that this is a required field, you will not be able to save the meeting room without assigning a location to it. 

  • Once happy, click "Save" 
  • This will now appear in your list of meeting rooms in the App Settings
  • You will now be able to select this meeting room when creating a prospect on Alkimii CRM.